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About Us

PPBEP is the successor to the Bay Area Resource Council (BARC), which was founded in 1989 for the restoration and preservation of Pensacola and Perdido Bays. Our program is a non-regulatory, place-based program designed to address watershed issues at the local level. We attack the root causes of issues, not people or organizations, to build consensus and identify scientifically sound solutions. By bringing together a diverse array of stakeholders, we ensure meaningful and collaborative watershed management, for the benefit of all.  

Technical Committee

Provides scientific expertise and local insight

Education & Outreach Committee

Supports education and outreach efforts

Business Partnership Committee

Works to improve our economy and our waters



As water does not follow political boundaries, PPBEP is a coalition of local, state and federal stakeholders from two states, three counties and five municipalities. The Policy Board is the final decision-making body and is comprised of representatives from the City of Orange Beach, the City of Pensacola, the City of Gulf Breeze, the City of Milton, the Town of Century, and Escambia, Santa Rosa, and Okaloosa counties. The Policy Board is supported by program staff and four committees.

PPBEP Organizational Structure

Our Program









Matt Posner

Executive Director

Whitney Scheffel

Senior Scientist

Logan McDonald

Community Outreach Coordinator

Haley Gancel

Environmental Scientist

Bailey Walkinshaw

Community Outreach Assistant

Paige Lansky

Assistant Project Coordinator

Kyna Finley

Manatee Outreach Intern

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