Carpenter Creek Restoration

Map of Carpenter Creek Watershed

Objective: The Pensacola Bay Oyster Restoration Initiative establishes a transformational vision to restore 600-hectares (1,482 acres, the size of approximately 1,482 football fields) of oyster habitat in the Pensacola Bay System over the next ten years to enhance ecosystem resilience, rebuild a sustainable fishery, and improve economic vitality.

Funding: $2.2 million RESTORE Act Component 2 Grant from the Gulf Coast Ecosystem Restoration Council
Partners: Jennie’s Legacy, City of Pensacola, Escambia County, Florida Department of Environmental Protection
Years: 2024-2028

Work to be completed

  • Design, permit, and construct a stream restoration project on Carpenter Creek between I-110 and 12th Avenue.
  • Improve water quality with a goal of reduction of approximately 2,000 tons of sediment and 2,500 pounds of nitrogen from the Creek annually.
  • Reduce flood risk by restoring approximately 20 acres of wetlands and reducing flood staging by approximately 1 (one) foot.
  • Create blueway and greenway access.

Carpenter Creek Restoration Concept Map

Escambia County Carpenter Creek Restoration Concept 


Past work completed

In 2019, Escambia County engaged a consulting firm to develop a Watershed Management Plan (WMP) for Carpenter Creek and Bayou Texar using RESTORE Direct Component (Pot 1) funds. Findings included in the WMP indicate Carpenter Creek is suffering from urban stream syndrome, resulting in sediment loading to the Creek that is on the order of forty (40) times greater than average. The WMP states in part "directly connected impervious surfaces throughout the watershed create a flashy hydrograph and have led to bank erosion and subsequent downstream sedimentation and water quality impairments". The WMP proposed 15 project recommendations to achieve water quality improvement, habitat restoration, community resilience, and public access improvement throughout the Creek and Bayou. Those recommendations were presented to the public in May 2022 for review to prioritize the top three catalytic projects to proceed to design. Overwhelmingly, the community selected the restoration of Carpenter Creek as the top priority. PPBEP will lead implementation of the restoration in partnership with the City of Pensacola and Escambia County. 

Escambia County Carpenter Creek Restoration Catalytic Project Concept




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