We are currently drafting a Comprehensive Conservation & Management Plan (CCMP), a long-term strategic plan, which will be a fully vetted roadmap for the restoration and protection of the Pensacola and Perdido Bays. Our plan is modeled after the National Estuary Program CCMP that has proven successful across the nation. Key steps in the plan include:

• Determining community values and uses of our watersheds (e.g. swimmable water)

• Identifying stressors (e.g. runoff)

• Setting measurable indicators of progress (e.g. bacterial loads)

• Tracing root causes (e.g. sanitary sewer overflows)

• Taking strategic actions to address root causes ( e.g. improving sewer system infrastructure and/or capacity)

CCMP development is a collaborative process that involves stakeholders at every level, including you! Stay involved by signing up for regular updates and joining a committee! 

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