NOAA Actionable Science Award for Seagrass

We are thrilled to be partners on a National Oceanic Atmospheric Administration (NOAA) Actionable Science Grant for $121,081 that will inform seagrass restoration efforts.


The NOAA RESTORE Science Program has awarded $2.3 million to 20 project teams in the Gulf of Mexico to collaboratively scope and design research that will inform future decisions on how to manage natural resources in the region including marine mammals, shorebirds, barrier islands, and fisheries.


Each project, slated to begin this month, is designed to be an investment in the future of applied science, and ultimately, the sustainability of the Gulf of Mexico ecosystem.
Our project team, led by the University of New Orleans's Dr. Erin Cox, will work to reduce the uncertainties of seagrass restoration by considering the impacts of genetic variation in remaining seagrass beds.

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