Our program was awarded $297,220 from the EPA to identify and mediate potential sources and contributors of water-borne trash in three creeks of the Pensacola Bay System: Jones Creek in Escambia County, Carpenter Creek in the City of Pensacola and Pond Creek in northern Santa Rosa County. All three creeks have experienced degradation due to alteration and development, and all three drain into impaired waterbodies. This project will heavily engage the community in trash removal and prevention, engaging local businesses, existing grassroots efforts and area schools to reduce water-borne trash and improve the safety, health and beauty of local creeks. Check out our Volunteer page to learn how you can get involved!

Carpenter Creek

Carpenter Creek is 4.8 miles long and drains an area of approximately 10.5 square miles, with headwaters located in the historic neighborhood of Ensley in unincorporated Escambia County. Carpenter Creek is the only significant freshwater tributary of Bayou Texar.

Jones Creek

Jones Creek is a 4.5 mile-long freshwater tributary flowing east through the Brownsville and Warrington communities of Escambia County before emptying into the southern arm of Bayou Chico.

Pond Creek

Pond Creek is a 27.9 mile long waterway in Santa Rosa County that runs south along the Naval Outlying Spencer Field and Pea Ridge. The creek continues through the south end of the City of Milton and Bagdad, a historically significant community from the Spanish Era. The creek serves as a tributary of the Blackwater River, which drains into Blackwater and East Bays, before joining with the larger Pensacola Bay system.

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